Early Spring Cleaning – Declutter and Save Money $$$$$

The zero waste and no buying anything for a year plans has been a trend for several years now. I completely admire anyone that even tries either of these trends as they are not an easy feat whatsoever. I have decided to embark on a plan similar to both, but in a bit of a different way.

The happy medium I found which is to use all of the products that I currently have up before purchasing anything new. This means skincare, makeup and hair care mostly.

This can apply to other things as well. I live in a very small house that can barely hold my clothes let alone my 9 million products sitting around in my room and bathrooms. Yes, this seems simple but… As a single mom I have been plagued with clearance/sale/bargain hunting gene.

Right now, I have about 4 moisturizers…is this necessary???? NO! Well hey I found one on the sale rack. My thought was it is a high-end product and when I run out of my otherssss I will have this one to replace it at a fraction of the cost. You think you are saving money, but the fact is that I didn’t have just one to use up I had 2 more.  What we don’t think about is the fact that these are perishable and expire. So, in time they may not even be usable and you just wasted your money.

My plan of action is to use up everything. Then buy only stuff that I need now and only buy products I really like. I feel like this not only will lead to more conscious living, but also save me money. I could even start to realize I don’t need all of this s$%t anyways…haha….Let’s hope!

The Plan

1. Take an inventory of all of the products that need to be used up

2. Organize each item with similar items. Then you always know what you have and when it’s going to run out

3. Once the item category is used up evaluate if you even need or want to repurchase.For example, cellulite cream (they don’t work!!)

4. Then when an item is needed, purchase a new one. YAY!


Tip: Put like things with like. This works when organizing your home or office. If you see it you will use it!

The main focus is to save me money, but also become less wasteful. It is tragic how much we waste especially here in America. Just little shifts in your mindset can make your life better and impact the planet in a positive way. Plus, leading by example is always great. I know I want my son to see me picking up trash out on a hike, using up food so it doesn’t get dumped ultimately in a landfill, turning off lights to save energy and so on.

I heard a wonderful idea that could help tremendously with Decluttering Game by The Minimalists. It is a 30 day decluttering plan. On day one you get rid of 1 item you don’t need, on day 2 you get rid of 2 things and so on. Read more about this plan on, https://www.theminimalists.com/game/

Declutter and save money!

Let’s start this journey together in 2019!

Do you have any decluttering tips?