4 Tips On How to Quit Impulsive Shopping

In the world today we are bombarded by advertisements to buy products. Have you ever thought you were mindlessly spending money on things that you don’t even want or need. So many people impulsively buy things. So many stores make all or most of their money through online retail. Anything you have ever looked at or searched on social media is used in an algorithm in order to know what to promote to you. For example, if you look up skincare often on social media, paid advertisements will start appearing for random skincare brands.

The internet is very good at making you feel like you need things.  Looking at other people getting things makes you want more THINGS…EVEN when you DON’T need them! Many people get caught up with “keeping up with the Jones’s.” Putting money on credit cards to make you look like you have more money then you do, in the end you will have less once you have to pay it back.

Many times, when you want something and you wait a week or even a month to purchase it you will forget about the item. That means you really didn’t need it. If something is important to you and you think about it and you feel it is going to add value to your life then yes purchase it.

4 Tips on how to stop impulse shopping

  • Give yourself at least a few days or even a week to purchase the item

  • Ask yourself if you need it

  • Ask your self if this item will truly serve you

  • Save your money up for a quality product

When you stop impulse buying you will see the money start adding up. You will have so much more money! Then you can invest in something that could possibly make you even more money.

Words of wisdom from my late Nana, “less is MORE”

Have you tried waiting to purchase something for a week or more and if so, did you end up still purchasing what you thought you wanted?

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