Eco Friendly Gift Giving and Zero Waste Tips

I received several gifts I absolutely loved this year. They are all Eco-friendly and zero waste. My goal for the year is to buy sustainable, Eco-friendly gifts for my family and friends for holidays and birthdays. Here are some great Eco-Friendly Zero Waste gift ideas or you can buy these items for yourself. My favorite gifts were coconut bowl set with spoons or, togo bamboo cutlery set and reusable produce bags.

Here are a few Eco-friendly gift or waste free ideas:



I have been into using reusable bags, composting, and recycling for years. I just wanted to step up my game with being more zero waste. One of the biggest ways I have been trying to change is by using reusable straws and cloth produce bags. Plastic bags are so awful for the environment and in Arizona they have not been banned so grocery stores still use them.

I totally understand forgetting your reusable bags it happens to the best of us here are some things you can do if that happens:

  • opt for no bags if there are not very many things
  • ask for paper, which easier to recycle
  • reuse the plastic bags for something else such as a trash bag liner for your smaller cans. This saves money too!
  • my grocery store will recycle plastic bags. They have a bin at the entry of the store. So gather them up and toss them in there.

What are your best zero waste tips or products you love?