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Grays whites pastels Ocean Jasper Sphere druzy pocket High quality ocean jasper Rare ocean jasper ocean jasper from Madagascar

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This Ocean Jasper Sphere is absolutely unique and gorgeous. This is definitely a display piece! Origin: Madagascar Natural and genuine Ocean Jasper sphere from the only mine in the world in Madagascar and miners have to be taken to the mine only at low tide. Ocean Jasper is a trade name for an orbicular Chalcedony, a variety of Quartz with spherical patterning, found only in northwestern Madagascar. Ocean Jasper Heart Healing Heart Charka Crystal Green *These are claims Every stone sold here at HLS has been hand picked and smudged with organic sage or palo santo, ready for use by their new caretaker. *Each crystal has its own unique character and features, and since it is made by Mother Earth it may have some natural blemishes - there is perfection in imperfection! Please reference all photos and dimensions before making your purchase. You will receive the exact piece shown unless otherwise stated. I believe in doing my part to help our Earth, and as such I use post consumer recycled, and compostable packaging where possible.