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High Quality Star Rose Quartz Sphere Bubblegum pink

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This listing is for one high quality large Star Rose Quartz Sphere - the exact piece in the photos. High quality with excellent clarity. This is such a high vibration and attracts love! These are not as common as normal rose quartz. Star Rose Quartz spheres displays an asterism or 6 armed star. The “stars” found in these rose quartz spheres are actually called asterisms ✨ specifically in rose quartz it’s called asterism 🤓 it is formed by thin fiber like needles that intersect at a 60 degree angle. When a light source is present the star is visible and moves with the crystal. The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome were the first to attach the symbol of love to the Rose Quartz meaning. According to myth, Cupid, the Roman god of desire, and Eros, the Greek god of love, gave humans the gift of love in the form of Rose Quartz. Another legend tells the story of Rose Quartz and its powers of love and reconciliation. When Adonis was attacked by Ares, who was in the shape of a boar, his lover Aphrodite came running to his aide. Along the way, she got caught on a briar bush and by the time she found her lover, a mix of their blood started to soak into the quartz stone, giving Rose Quartz its iconic rosy pink hue. The legend is a reminder of the Rose Quartz stone meaning and its powerful association with romantic love. In Native American cultures, the Rose Quartz meaning was used to soothe negative emotions like anger and disappointment by bringing love into newly harmonized emotions. * These are solely claims