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Lodolite Garden Quartz Sphere with rutile

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Lodolite Garden Quartz Sphere This listing is for the exact lodolite garden quartz sphere. This piece is mesmerizing! Crystal clear and you can see all of the mineral inclusions. This is a collector piece. Great for meditation. High grade piece. lodolite formed millions of years ago in only one location, the Minas Gerais area of Brazil. These very powerful journeying crystals are used by shamans to induce visionary experiences and healings. Meditation with a dream crystal is said to bring transformation on many levels. The soft patterns within each crystal remind one of an underwater scene in another world. Shamanic Dream crystals are highly charged metaphysical crystals & assist one in seeing auras and in maintaining the connection between the physical and ethereal planes. Lodolite has soft angelic energy that induces communication with the spirit realm and gently assists one through all forms of transformation in ones life. Lodolite (Lodalite, Lodelite) is a type of included quartz crystal with inclusions of many possible colors and types, often having the look of gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes. Thus, lodolite is often called garden quartz, landscape quartz, or scenic quartz. It's often used in meditation practices. Another metaphysical use of lodolite is to bring energies to effect manifestation of one's desires. Lodolite is also said to enhance communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten one's spiritual energies. It is used mystically to increase ESP and bring knowledge from your past lives. Lodolite is said to bring loving energies and energies of gentle strength. Mystically and in crystal healing, lodolite is purported to be an excellent healing stone bringing strong healing energies and energetic shifting so that healing will occur. Lodolite is associated primarily with the crown chakra. Garden quartz is a powerful grounding stone that is used extensively in healing and meditation work. It is one of the fundamental grounding stones. It is known to be able to establish a clear path to removing negativity by passing it back into the Earth where it can dissipate naturally. *These are just claims