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Pink Banded Calcite Butterfly Carving from Pakistan Pink Onyx

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This listing is for (ONE) Pink banded calcite carved Butterfly from Pakistan. Gorgeous pink banding.Thick and stunning piece! * intuitively chosen, but you can contact me if there is a certain one you would like. Pink Calcite is a stone of discipline, centeredness, and peace. It is effective in pulling scattered spirits back to center, and is useful in relieving stress and anger. Energy workers often use this gem to prepare themselves for meditation, because of the sense of calm and focus it so powerfully brings. Pink Calcite will grant you insight into the basis of problems, facilitate communication between you and the Higher Realms, and increase your levels of patience and reliability. If you have a lot on your plate and are looking to balance your responsibilities with confidence and ease, this is your gem. *Each crystal has its own unique character and features, and since it is made by Mother Earth it may have some natural blemishes - there is perfection in imperfection! Please reference all photos and dimensions before making your purchase. You will receive the exact piece shown unless otherwise stated. I believe in doing my part to help our Earth, and as such I use post consumer recycled, and compostable packaging where possible.