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Rhodonite sphere, pink rhodonite, rhodonite, pink rhodonite sphere

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This listing if for this exact Pink Rhodonite Sphere. Handcarved from Peru. Almost all pink with very little black.

**stand not included**

Origin: Peru

💗 Rhodonite balances the Heart and Root chakras, making this an amazing emotional grounding stone.
It has a relaxing loving energy that grounds, transforms, heals and stabilizes emotions and relationships.
Rhodonite helps erasing past wounds and traumas, strengthens forgiveness, compassion and encourages an open heart 💗

* These are solely claims

Every stone sold here at HLS has been hand picked and smudged with organic sage or palo santo, ready for use by their new caretaker.

*Each crystal has its own unique character and features, and since it is made by Mother Earth it may have some natural blemishes - there is perfection in imperfection! Please reference all photos and dimensions before making your purchase. You will receive the exact piece shown unless otherwise stated.

I believe in doing my part to help our Earth, and as such I use post consumer recycled, and compostable packaging where possible.