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White Banded Agate Skull

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This listing is for the exact Agate White Banded Agate Skull in these photo. All natural not dyed this is a very special piece, great for a collector and an amazing gift. The Agate was skillfully hand carved by master carvers and a has a Powerful, Calming Presence! The details are rich and vivid. The mandible has been carved out, which makes it a very realistic, sculptural work of crystal art. The detail on the teeth, nose, and jaw are amazing. Agates represent stability, strength and endurance. It encourages one to persevere, relax and be strong in any adversity. I love Agate also for its decorative splendor and always feel happier when Agates are in my space. *These are solely claims ***Each rocks/crystals/minerals have been cleansed with Palo Santo ***Crystals are wonderfully imperfect. They may have bumps, chips, cleavage, dips, cracks, and heals.... it's part of the magic. Please review photos and know what you are being called to.